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photo by Corey Weaver

photo by Corey Weaver

photo by Corey Weaver

photo by Corey Weaver

New York Music Daily Blog, 1/22/16

To wind up the bill, the group employs a rather mystical diptych by Giulio Caccini to set up Monteverdi’s famous early operatic piece Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, sung with appropriate drama by tenor Samuel Levine with support from Woody and scintillating soprano Emma McNairy (whose raw power, unleashed in the small Williamsburg space, provided the night’s most adrenalizing moments).

Tancredi | Cantata Profana | 2016

Judith Malafronte, Opera News, 7/31/16

West Edge Opera's cast of four superb singing actors maintained vocal and dramatic control while portraying a variety of sexual acts including masturbation, threesomes, oral sex and voyeurism...Emma McNairy's snippy maid, nosy journalist and gossipy onlooker highlighted her nimble, bright-edged soprano, laughing with cruel abandon in stratospheric high notes and projecting every word easily.

Allan Ulrich, The Financial Times, 8/2/16

As sundry maids and reporters, soprano Emma McNairy negotiated Adès’s punishing tessitura with sublime ease.

Joshua Kosman, The San Francisco Chronicle, 8/1/16
The rest of the cast (at the composer’s instruction) filled a whirlwind of supporting roles, and all were sensational. Soprano Emma McNairy matched her Lulu from last summer for glittering vocal precision and charismatic stage demeanor, from a hilariously resentful hotel maid to a newspaper reporter nonplussed by the Duchess’ sudden outbursts of right-wing crankery.


Powder Her Face 
West Edge Opera | 2016

Emma McNairy | Soprano

Steven Winn, San Francisco Classical Voice, 8/1/16 

Soprano Emma McNairy, who uses a slatternly impishness and potent, flutey voice to shine in a sequence of supporting roles, is joined by the fine and antic tenor Jonathan Blalock for a predatory romp.

Ilana Walder-Biesanz, Bachtrack.com, 8/14/16

Soprano Emma McNairy and tenor Jonathan Blalock filled a dizzying array of secondary roles: maid, confidante, journalist, electrician, and delivery boy, to name a few. McNairy tossed off pitches far above the staff while crawling and tumbling about the stage. In particular, “fancy, fancy being rich” showed off her sparkling top notes, wide range, and engaging stage presence. 

Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury News, 8/1/16

The West Edge cast was outstanding...Emma McNairy, returning from a triumph in the title role of last season's "Lulu," brought vibrant vocalism and indelible stage presence to the role of the Maid.

Philip Campbell, Bay Area Reporter, 8/11/16

Alban Berg and even a whiff of Richard Strauss mingle with splintered tangos and nostalgic dance music, but the brutally high tessitura assigned to Emma McNairy in various roles doesn't suggest much kindness from Adès towards sopranos. McNairy is up to the task, even when the sheer volume of her singing threatens to shatter glass. Her clarity and sassy acting, not to mention her fetching look in schoolgirl gear, captivated the crowd. The man next to me turned to his female companion and said, "Isn't she wonderful?"

The eye-candy casting was evenly spread throughout the four-member cast. 



Victor Cordell, For All Events: Reviews & Views, 8/1/16

Emma McNairy plays several vibrant and sexy roles, the most prominent of which are maids...All voices are more than competent as we’ve come to expect from West Edge productions, and the acting is of theatrical quality. This is no stand and deliver. If one performer stands out, it would be McNairy. Interestingly, her maids’ roles in Act 1 are larger than the Duchess’s, and her high soprano is repeatedly asked to engage in supersonic shrieks, which she executes with exactitude.

Charlise Tiee, The Opera Tattler, 7/31/16

...the four singers were massively impressive, and all sounded and looked great...Soprano Emma McNairy also sang with power and nonchalance, hitting all sorts of notes in her upper register without simply sounding like a squeak toy.



Michael Strickland, Civic Center Blog, 8/2/16

Tenor Jonathan Blalock, soprano Emma McNairy and baritone Hadleigh Adams played a kaleidoscope of supporting roles, everything from from maids to rent boys to journalists to lounge lizards and they were astonishingly good at all.​